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Paid Leave for All Workers Act

In this November 2023 video, Attorney James Jansen discusses the requirements of the state’s new Paid Leave for All Workers Act and what townships must do to be compliant.

Responsible Bidder

In this August 16, 2023 training, Mark Kimzey discusses how townships should conduct the responsible bidder and QBS process.


In this June 2023 training, IT Cybersecurity expert Jeff Reiter discusses how to protect your township from cyber threats. Hackers don’t hack in, they log in, this presentation discusses how to protect your organization and data.

Volunteer Management

Various topics related to volunteer management are covered in this April 2023 training presented by Becky Wilder, CVT.

Budget Timeline

This training from January 2023 is on budgeting for FY 24. It was presented by James Howard, CPA and partner with Governmental Accounting, Inc.

Document Management

This training, presented by the Illinois Secretary of State, discusses the requirements for documentation retention and destruction.


This training, held 8/17/22, relates to SB3789, which requires townships and other units of government to file a report every 10 years on possible efficiency improvements.


This training, held on 3/23/22, deals with how to protect your township from cybersecurity threats.

Strategic Planning for Townships

Strategic Planning for Townships was presented in January of 2022 by Mel Henriksen of the NIU Center for Governmental Studies.

Senior Programming

Becky Cordes from the Township of Schaumburg presents on Senior Programming: How to Assess Needs and Get Started.

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Communications

This training is from August 2021 and discusses communications for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Medical & Ancillary Benefits

MTA members were joined by Steve Orlando on July 21, 2021 to discuss medical and ancillary benefits for township employees.

Food Insecurity & COVID-19

Mary Jo Imperato of Hanover Township and Scott Jewitt of Northern Illinois Food Bank present on food insecurity affected by COVID-19.

Sexual Harassment

This 1/20/21 training is about sexual harassment and what your township needs to know related to state and federal laws.

Oma & FOIA

John Redlingshafer walks through the basics of the OMA and FOIA in this December 2020 virtual training.

1-on-1 Meetings

In this training, recorded 11/19/20, Hanover Township Administrator James Barr discusses how to vest conduct one-on-one meetings to manage employees.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

This October 2020 training aims to give a better understanding on diversity, equity and inclusion.