July Virtual Training: Recruiting and Retention in a Competitive Environment

In today’s labor market, recruitment can be daunting if not exhausting. After the great resignation, it may also feel to some organizations like you are losing more employees than you can hire. Participants in this workshop will learn:

· How to evaluate their current recruitment and sourcing processes.
· Find gaps in their current recruitment process.
· Learn low cost/no cost ways to increase their visibility to applicants.
· How to source candidates faster.

Recruitment is the first step of the process; retention is the second. Retaining employees to be long-term valuable assets of your team is equally as important as recruiting. The second part of this training will focus on helping participants:

· Evaluate their current retention practices.
· Develop ways to enhance the employee experience.
· Track and develop programs to measure and promote employee retention

About the presenter:
John Acardo currently serves as the Chief Human Resources Officer at Northern Illinois University. He has worked in both public and private sector industries, is recognized as a senior level professional within the discipline and serves on the Society for Human Resource Management’s Executive Network. Over the past 15 years, John has built and rebranded HR departments to enhance the employee experience and address organizational challenges.