December Virtual Training: Essentials of Aggression Management

The Essentials of Aggression Management (EoAM) program is a “must-have” training session for any organization that is serious about employee safety. As incidents of aggressive behavior and workplace violence continue to increase in workplaces across the country, managers and employees alike face more and more challenges in de-escalating situations before they become violent. The Essentials of Aggression Management program was created by experienced safety and security professionals and has been used in government institutions, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, manufacturing facilities, , and others. The program prepares management and employees alike to recognize and defuse aggressive behavior long before it becomes violent!

Upon completion, the participants will be able to:

• discuss the impact of workplace violence.
• identify the role of de-escalation in the management of aggressive behavior.
• Describe the purpose of and acceptable use of self-defense.

Dan Wilder has been with Sorensen, Wilder, and Associates since graduating college in 2006 with a degree in Law Enforcement. He spent the first nine years as a staff consultant, performing security vulnerability and threat assessments in healthcare facilities and educational facilities. In addition to serving as a master instructor in SWA’s nationally acclaimed program “The Essentials of Aggression Management in Healthcare: From Talkdown to Takedown”. In 2017 he was promoted to Vice-President of Operations

In working with healthcare facilities, educational facilities, and manufacturing facilities Dan has provided several specialized services, including over 100 security vulnerability assessments, assessment of integrated security systems, design of access/egress control systems, and design layout of CCTV systems. He has worked closely with clients and provides ongoing workplace safety training to clients across the nation. His training programs are focused on employee health and safety, and include topics such as back safety, lifting and transferring residents, needle sticks and bloodborne pathogens, fire safety and evacuations, and personal safety and security.

Dan earned CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) certification, with a major emphasis on healthcare facilities. He also holds HSEEP and CVI-CFATS certifications through the United States Department of Homeland Security. In addition to his role with Sorensen, Wilder & Associates, Dan is also a firefighter / EMT and a certified fire science instructor through the Illinois State Fire Marshall’s Office.