April Virtual Training: Volunteer Management

Join us for a virtual training on volunteer recruitment and retention. From Application to Action: Effective Volunteer Program Management

From getting the word out about your volunteer needs, to vetting, training and management, and engagement and retention, every facet of a solid volunteer program matters. A good, well structured program can set an organization up for success. Equally, a program lacking proper structure and effective retention practices can leave volunteers struggling and frustrated, and leave you floundering without the help you need. This training will visit all aspects of creating/managing a solid volunteer program structure that addresses organizational needs, implements proper vetting and training methods, and puts forth practical ideas for attracting and keeping a happy, successful, and growing volunteer team.

Becky Wilder, CVA, is a Certified Volunteer Administrator through the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration. She has managed one-time volunteers for events and special programs, as well as managing hundreds of volunteers and the programs/organizations they support on an ongoing basis. Most recently, Wilder spent eight years managing volunteers in the hospice industry. Currently she is the Volunteer Director for the Illinois Veterans Home at Manteno.